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Why should I visit John of God

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Many wonder, what can I achieve on a journey to John of God? Can John of God help me heal physically and grow spiritually?

Whether you are in the need for help in any natural or spiritual aspect of your life, or whether you have decided to follow a spiritual way of life, Casa’s St. Ignatius de Loyola will offer you what there is for your need. And if you are open to this experience of life, your stay will be pleasant and fruitful.

Everyone deep down knows the imbalances that exist within the body and soul. Entities through John of God, give us the opportunity to heal from any illness, physical or mental, as well as discover its actual cause. Each experience is unique, each journey is as different as we are unique, in the blessed world of our God.

In the Casa, with the help of the Entities, everything is possible!


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